About Us

S&B Candy & Toy Co. introduced the original Win-Every-Time Crane over 20 years ago and remains an innovator in the amusement machine industry.

With 4 pending patents, exciting new machines and related web sites under development the future of the company is to go beyond the current player experience and offer an exclusive interactive product tie-in to keep players coming back for more.

The Route 66 crane has been S&B’s flagship piece and has been awarded national recognition and international distribution. Voted the #1 crane in the Play Meter magazine readers poll based on ease of operation and earning power, the Route 66 Crane has proven to be a very versatile fixture in many amusement centers with the ability to vend candy, plush, toys, balls or all sorts of prizes.

The Smarties® crane builds on this strong foundation but takes crane play to a new level. In conjunction with the web site Smartiesland.com, Smarties® crane players have the opportunity to win a unique coded Smarties® Card that allows them to access special VIP features and compete to win a 529B educational savings plan.