Smarties® Scholarship Program!

Thousands in scholarship funds to be awarded each year!

Does eating Smarties® make you smarter?

We are commited to making that true. In conjunction with the Smarties® Candy Co. a national scholarship fund is growing every day. For every Smarties® Crane in the country “one play per day!” ($15 per month)* and 5% of the proceeds from all sales of our exclusive Smarties candy/toy mixes to be added to the fund to award prospective students. Ask about our Operator Contribution Matching Program. *24 month maximum. Coded Smarties® Card in the Smarties® crane directs students to the Smarties Land website where they can compete to earn money for secondary education. Our goal is to have 500 Smarties® Crane on locations which will generate $90,000 in scholarship funds annually! Unique coded Smarties® cards allow access to the website and create repeat plays for card collectors participating in Smarties® Land and all it has to offer. This means increased revenue for the operator and more traffic for the location.

Meet 2015 Scholarship Winner - Jana Putney, Sacramento, CA. Putney is a college student who received her winning Smarties® card entry from a Smarties® Crane located in a Round Table Pizza in Vacaville, CA. She will use her scholarship to help pay for the next phase of her education, graduate school. “I wish to thank S&B Candy & Toy and Smarties for making this program possible. This scholarship is definitely a reminder that my education, although expensive and difficult at times, is a gift and a joy in my life,” said Putney.

Everyone’s a winner!

How it works!

Play today to Pay for tomorrow!

You really can win a student scholarship by playing the Smarties® Crane. Dispersed throughout the mix of prizes in the crane are Smarties® Cards with Unique codes that will direct you to

Once you register and log in to Smarties® Land your code will allow you to compete and track your progress against students all over the country to win thousands of dollars set up in a 529B educational savings plan in your name.

These funds can be used at any university, college or trade school that meets federal guidelines. The only thing better than winning the money is telling your friends in college just how you earned your tuition.